Aceite de Oliva
Extra Virgin

En el corazón del Valle de Ricote

An oil of exquisite quality and properties that make it unique in the Murcia region with a very sweet and pleasant taste on the palate.

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A unique oil

In our Valle de Ricote oil mill we are committed to the quality of our extra virgin olive oil.

The secret lies in the very nature and characteristics of the Ricote Valley, so that when pollination occurs, our olive trees are surrounded by fruit trees (peach, apricot or plums), citrus (lemon, orange or mandarin trees) or vegetables (artichokes or tomatoes. ). All this makes the production result very sweet and palatable, without losing any of its organoleptic qualities.


We take care of the entire process, from the harvest of the olives at their optimum moment, to the storage of the oil in special tanks for this product, all of this going through a careful production process in our facilities where we extract our extra virgin olive oil at low prices. temperatures, between 20º and 28º, with this cold extraction process a smaller quantity of oil is obtained, but with a supreme quality that differentiates it from the rest

Aceite de Oliva Valle de Ricote

Aceite de Oliva
Extra Virgin

En el corazón del Valle de Ricote

The olive oil mil of Valle de Ricote is found in the province of Murcia, in the municipality of La Algaida, Archena.
A unique destination in the heart of Valle de Ricote.

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